Simply Put -Get the heck out of dodge! Ever heard of that? Of course. Well. That is exactly what brother dolphin is doing. Notice the turbulence that he breaks away from and notice the color of the water.

Water represents emotion, feeling, & spirit. There is no land in the picture indicating that the turbulence is engulfing.


It has saturated his entire being. Breaking free allows the trinity of it’s existence to create another reality or condition. As it leaps out, it may choose to re-enter the water.   Piercing the water as it returns is the direction that will cause a repeat of the same cycle or activity. HOWEVER, This card shows the Dolphin continuing upward. Having an ability to transform or transmute negative thoughts, energy, and circumstances.  It is also is noteworthy to share that the mer people and the dolphins have a bond. The release from the turbulent water is like Mer-Cy.

Lesson for the day: Have Mercy on yourself and others. Choose to escape from difficult and pressing environments. Break free from the constrictions of others expectations. Transform a negative situation into a positive solution.

Mer Beautiful!

~Michaela Rena