Isis-Honoring Yoni Empowerment

Isis understood the value of her Yoni Power, which provided EMPOWERMENT for All those choosing to accept her gift. Isis was very beautiful. She would be disrobed under a shade sail and all those around her would gasp “Look how beautiful!” As she lay down upon an aromatic raised bed, one of her bands of musicians would begin to play gently in the background. The sounds of shawms, drums and temple bells floated through the air as she looked up into the deep blue heavens, gazing only upon starlight. isisTiny honey beeswax candles flickered all around. Palm leaves fanned her cheeks. Isis would begin to breathe deeply and let her cares slip away……

Join the Yoni Healing Dance Class to Experience Acceptance & Release. Learn the Healing Dance of Het Heru- The Goddess that Isis embraced.

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