3 Part Letter Writing Series


by Samantha C. Hudson
(Click the link below for the entire Word Doc)
IMPORTANT:  Write all 3-parts for each person in one sitting before reading it aloud to your therapist or trusted partners!  
Most teachers will share with you that letting go of your past is the most essential step in the healing process.  I would agree with this statement, but with a slight difference.  You must transfigure your past by understanding its value from a different perspective.  You cannot erase memories.  You cannot make your past different or pretend it doesn’t exist.  Instead, this process allows you to embrace your past and those within it, rather than living your life trying to forget.  Trying to forget is death. 
Completing this process allows you to embrace, find compassion for yourself & others & transfigure your perception of it, by understanding that this “past” has engineered the passions, abilities, gifts, potentials & the relationships within your present and soon to be experiences.  You will discover that without all of the “past” that you could not enter into the Garden of Eden State of Consciousness, Heaven!
Energetically, it is quite expensive to have emotional attachments to the past. By transfiguring the past, you finally take off the blinders that kept you from allowing joy to unfold in the present moment of now and the future “nows” to come. That is why all religions teach forgiveness of the past, to love and forgive your enemies and to not judge yourself or others. Also, when you do transfigure your perspective of the past, meaning that you understand why you attracted the particular experience by not involving yourself in the victim/perpetrator game or participate in fight or flight reactions anymore, you will no longer focus any present thoughts on the past. By not focusing present energy on past events you cease to re-create those same or similar experiences in the future anymore, because you have heeded your lessons and gleaned the blessings in disguise.
This process is powerful because it helps you to detect how a destructive belief or behavior pattern, which I most often refer to as a viral program (demon), and transfigure them (to debug your system). Calling out your demon is the same as understanding how a viral program has operated in your family’s lineage; causing feelings of unworthiness through victim/perpetrator perspectives held by the family members. A passed down, defunct viral program eventually portrays itself as genetic or inherited behavioral, relational, emotional or physical issues, ailments, diseases or pain. Mapping these issues in your family will help you better inform yourself to call this demon by name, so to speak, so that you can disarm this viral program and its destructive effects by understanding the true Law of Attraction causal nature of it. Revealing or uncovering the family’s skeletons in the closet and studying these in order to identify the associated patterns is much easier to do when you are able to examine at least three generations.

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