We have started Summer Solstice (Began Thursday @ 10:38 pm-Friday). Also, there is the SuperMoon 7am EST. Energy is changing on this earth’s plane. Use it to your advantage.
1. Update Priorities
2. Create a Walking Regimen (Great for the heart/and spirit)
3. CELEBRATE your accomplishments in short term spurts (Don’t wait til the end of the accomplishment-celebrate the advances you make along the way)
4. Encourage a friend, mate-lover,family member to join you in a healthy activity.
5. Refresh with a Healthy Drink Choice at least once in the day. (My favorite is Cucumber and lemon water with 3 sliced strawberries in water.)
6.Meditate for clarity. (Map current events with events/people/situations of the past-review the lesson)
7. Live In the MOMENT ♥ (Let go of stuff from the past-it is just that…the past. Learn from it and live and enjoy in the current space that you are in. Don’t worry about tomorrow. It isn’t here yet. Let Divine Source (God, Allah, Optimum Spirit) show you which step to take as you move forward.