Sacred Soul Union-Tantric Connection

Sex has been stripped of it’s divine nature of healing. I speak about these things concerning the pillaging and raping of my African Heritage. I am also of Indian (Blackfoot aka Crow & Cherokee) Heritage. Sex became a commodity used to buy freedom, and provide a household of goods. It became a ‘breeder’ machine for slave trades.

As women lost their value in certain cultures, they had to resort to an age old profession that lost the sacredness of the Divine Connection. Then the younger generation supported the demoralization of the sexual act through lewd video’s in the hip-hop industry. Sex trades, and Female Circumcision made the act of sex volatile.

However certain cultures have kept the Divinity of Soul Union beautiful and meaningful.
Sexual Union should be a ‘Ritual of Soul Sensual Tantric Union that is neither rushed or vile.
She is cared for as a Queen, he is Supported as a King, and pro-creation not only is produced in the womb, but also between their two minds. The bond creates a “Queen-KingDOM” and the household (Union) flourishes as abundant prosperity.

Daily Inspiration, Daily Divine
~Michaela Rena  Yoni Healing-Moon Intuit


Yoni-Soul Morning

Yoni-Soul Morning:

Sacred Soul Union. This is the Divine Secret that most men truly do not realize and accept. It is within the cocoon of her Wisdom, conversion into the act of Love (Spiritual, Intellectual, Sexual Orgasm) that allows him to release fear. However the key is that he MUST be ‘STRONG’ enough to become vulnerable.

He MUST acquiese to allow Eternal Source to activate the empowerment in him by that of the Wom(b)man.

As Goddess’ of the earth from Heavenly places, we must also recognize whether the Man is ready. You will know this by his conduct and his respect for your Divine Presence & Wisdom.
Your GIFT is  his freedom from choas if he is a true student & recipient of the Universe.

If he remains in a state of utter confusion concerning his path, then he has closed the door of release (of choas) and the window of love.

Goddess’ do not be angry. Bless his way and give him up to the Gods’, Ancestors, and other forces. Remain in your Love State of Empowerment.  It is your Crown as a Queen.

Your vibration of Divine Spirit will attract to you the open heart of your Divine Compliment, and he will stand beside you as a true King.
Merry Me & Blessed Be

~Michaela Rena / Michaela Rena



Moon Intuit-Personal Empowerment



Power assumes the right to control others.

Personal empowerment …


assumes no such power, but recognizes complete responsibility for self and the choices made by self.

The card of the day is EMPOWERMENT.

The beautifully illustrated card depicts the mermaid with angelic wings. Also, there are other mer’s in the picture at her fin with open arms or reaching. Notice also that she is glowing from her mid fins through the top of her head. Seaweed is the floral theme of the card and the main color of the card is blue.

As always, As I share the information of these beautiful cards, remember to take only what resonates with you and discard which does not provide support.

The indicator of this card is Personal Empowerment. This card reveals that you have made a conscious decision to rely on inner strength. The decision may even be made reluctantly. There may be a strong turn of events that causes you to evaluate your position and success of a decision.

The two mer’s at her feet indicate that she has broken free from an attachment-let go of an issue, contact, person, circumstance,or situation. The one mer holding her arms open is begging to be taken back again, and the other is wanting the Empowered Mer to take something from her hand. In either case, The Empowered Mer has realized her own strength and does not need another person to carry or someone trying to give her limited support. Notice that her fins are lit. This would support that she has gained control of her physical desires and will chose to share her creative energy with only someone deserving.

She has found strength within her soul and can let go. She chooses not to dominate a person through constant contact or even suggested access. She allows those to come to her as needed and dignifies the person through her own personal fortitude of standing on her own. She no longer needs a anchor or tie to someone to ensure value. She has become settled in herself that she is no longer entangled in the ‘seaweed’ of emotions that rob her of liberation.


The glow around her heart and head indicate that she is in love with herself and she likes who she has become. Breaking free of emotional bonds (as seen of the mermaid breaking the water barrier) she is free to allow Divine Source to bring deserving love to her center.

Lesson: Continue to work on controlling emotional issues. Being overly controlling in area is a detriment. Even if you are controlling circumstances in your own life, learn how to let go of past failings. Keep them in your heart as a lesson and accept that you are DESERVING of a good and wonderful life. This is an important step. This will allow you to truly enjoy the gifts of Divine Source. Empowerment is a Divine gift.

Mer Beautiful!

~Michaela Rena D.D.


Good Morning to you! Have you ever awakened on any given

Imagemorning and your Mother, Father, Family member or Significant Lover kissed you awake. The warmth of love from that persons affection created hope that the day would be alright until you should meet again? Well that is what Morning Affirmations are for the soul. Today’s card is beautifully illustrated with marine life surrounding the mermaid as she lifts her head to be greeted by the rays of light through the golden waters. This card supports the willingness to receive Divine gifts.

The Mer has her arms slightly pulled behind her signifying her giving into what ever is delivered upon her journey.  There are 3 wonderful dolphins at her feet. These would indicate that Divine communication should be her foundation in order to move forward. The schools of fish above her head are like a crown that represent many creative thoughts that should be honored. The water is dark and murky below her, however she has raised herself above it. The message of this card is hopeful and encouraging. Every morning choose to say something positive about your journey. Accept and embrace it. Affirm your intentions to receive Divine Guidance. As you begin to see the step’s that appear or manifest before you, take note to be grateful for the lesson’s and the blessings.

Mer Beautiful!

~Michaela Rena D.D.


Wonderfully exciting news. When shuffling cards, I pull a card


randomly. The card of the day is of the Mermaid & Dolphin’s.  Intuition and illustration play a strong part in discerning the information that is displayed.

As you review the information, please remember to keep only which resonates with you. The optimum resource that is the key is YOU. Know thyself and you will understand all that you need to know!

Many times we may sit by and watch or wait for something to happen in our life. This card indicates that in blessings are coming soon. Notice that the young man is in the background searching for an answer. He see the Dolphin in the water leaping. However, it may be something he has seen before. In his quiet search from home (on the hill) he travels near a water cesspool. He appears to be searching for something beyond the ordinary. Notice that he is on the ‘path’, surrounded by water. The sky is partially clear however heavy with moisture. The sun is setting and the color in the air is warm. Above the water are flying birds. Beyond the home is a waterfall with an never ending resource. The grass is green, however the tree is sparse. Over yonder below his view is a mermaid. She is watching and waiting. Not in view, however above the water and next to her is a perched bird.

What may this mean?

You may have to leave the comfort of home in order to find the very thing that is within your ‘home’. Water represents emotion, feeling, and spiritual awareness. This is indicated by the clouds heavy with water and the water below. Recycling the resources of feeling and spirit will allow the body, mind to fully realize the message. Reserving energy is crucial.

You may need to keep your emotions in check. Feelings are good to express. Do so with clarity and understanding so that you speak your truth and allow the vibration of sound heal your soul.  Although you may feel exhausted in your search “STAY OPTIMISTIC”. Miracles are awaiting you. The miracle is within you and for you. You may feel baren or empty (as indicated by the sparsely leaved tree) however, the tree has life within it’s branches and it’s roots are in the ground.  Spiritual gifts of understanding are being imparted to you as indicated by the flying birds. Also, firm spiritual guidance is directing your footsteps (as indicated by the perched bird). The unimaginable is about to be discovered just over the hill and across the way. You will rejoice in the mere fact that you pressed on in gaining understanding, waiting for discovery, and receiving the reward.

Mer Beautiful!

Michaela Rena D.D.


We have started Summer Solstice (Began Thursday @ 10:38 pm-Friday). Also, there is the SuperMoon 7am EST. Energy is changing on this earth’s plane. Use it to your advantage.
1. Update Priorities
2. Create a Walking Regimen (Great for the heart/and spirit)
3. CELEBRATE your accomplishments in short term spurts (Don’t wait til the end of the accomplishment-celebrate the advances you make along the way)
4. Encourage a friend, mate-lover,family member to join you in a healthy activity.
5. Refresh with a Healthy Drink Choice at least once in the day. (My favorite is Cucumber and lemon water with 3 sliced strawberries in water.)
6.Meditate for clarity. (Map current events with events/people/situations of the past-review the lesson)
7. Live In the MOMENT ♥ (Let go of stuff from the past-it is just that…the past. Learn from it and live and enjoy in the current space that you are in. Don’t worry about tomorrow. It isn’t here yet. Let Divine Source (God, Allah, Optimum Spirit) show you which step to take as you move forward.

Walking by Totem

So, I started walking. Walking with a purpose.

Many people will run or power walk or do some kind of exercise so that they can loose some weight, keep their heart healthy or gain endurance/strength.
Interestingly enough, it becomes a barrage of self inflicting wounds when it becomes a daunting task. Also, it may turn into a guilt trip because you want to loose weight, get in shape, get the perfect body and look damn good for some kind of reason or season.

No one ever stop to think about what exercising does for the the soul, the mind, and the spirit. None the less, does any one care? Probably not. Unless someone shares with you what happens during a walk or a bike ride. Maybe you would see this exercise not for it’s physical benefit but for it’s spiritual benefit.

What does a walk do? It allows the “Trinity” of your vehicle to gain optimum stimulation, insight, and balance. Bi-lateral stimulation creates brain wave stimulation. The right and the left brain connect and allow Divine Consciousness to deliver to you understanding, revelation and healing. It is one of the best methods to balance the mind while gaining understanding.

This activity gives you access to the pineal gland by operating and igniting both sides of the brain through tandem bi stimulant activity which looks like “left-right-left”. When involved in this activity we are able to clearly get answers to some of our pressing issues. When asking Divine Consciousness to support us as we come into our “god state”, the Universe pours out its information in a way that we can grasp and make application. It is during this time that we come up with great ideas, we understand someone Else’s point of view. We may even begin to see who and what are our ‘place holders’ (of people, place or thing) that resemble a time, place or person of our past. Now… walking/exercising with a well rounded purpose becomes the optimum activity. We gain the opportunity to become physically healthier, mentally alert and spiritually awakened.

The walking totem. What is that?  Some may define it as important tribal object: an object, animal, plant, or other natural phenomenon revered as a symbol of a clan or society, and often used in rituals among some peoples. Others may say it a sacred carving or other representation. While many believe it can be symbolic thing. Something regarded as a symbol, especially something treated with the kind of respect normally reserved for religious icons. In all honesty it is all of the above. What place does it have in a healing walk? EVERYTHING. Nature has a way of teaching us lessons. If we pay attention to the totem on the path, we will understand what we are doing and how to correct the behavior. The totem is one of the mirrors that Divine Consciousness gracefully allows you to be aware of while in it’s arrival teaches you a heart felt lesson.

Example: one of my students scheduled a walk with me. During the walk she started talking immediately. I asked her to take a moment of silence before we begin the conversation. She agreed. As she quieted, a bird flew close above our headsAnimated Twitter Flying Bird Widgetand within a few feet a man with a little chihuahua in a basket was barking relentlessly. I asked Divine Consciousness if this was the totem I was looking for during the walk. I received confirmation by way of another barking dog, unseen behind a fence to the right side of our walk. Within a few moments she began to share some of her obstacles. I asked her if she noticed her totems. She pointed out the little dog. I agreed, however I helped her to recall the little bird that flew over our head. She said that the dog totem could not possibly belong to her because she loves birds, not dogs. I explained to her that a person can have a life totem, a daily totem, and a moment totem. This totem presented itself for the moment. With this brief explanation she stopped and literally said. “Aha, I get it!”  She then said that she had been “barking” commands all day, and that she needed to be “light” and refreshing like the little bird that went above our heads. She got it. Yes she recognized her totem for the day. Totems can be Air Totems, Animal Totems, Insect Totems, even Water Totems. What ever it is, listen to it. It delivers you a divine message to assist you in your personal growth.

To sum it all up. Go for a walk. Choose a healthier and productive activity that delivers insight and wellness on every level. Watch for Divine guidance through the totems. You will have an eye opening moment. You will feel valuable to the core. You will know that your journey and path are meant to be in the moment that they are occurring in order for you to have the optimum experience for learning, giving and receiving while enjoying life.