I have had a series of dreams that are so vivid. I will do my best to capture them here. Enjoy!
The Mer Memoir-
I awakened under a large body of water… looking at a school of fish. As I gazed closer, it began to be apparent that the fish were clusters of sea monsters-mers. Beautiful, fan tailed, and gray people. I spoke out excitedly as I noticed that these different looking ocean life.I requested the sea monsters remain so that I could take their picture. I reached over toward the coral to grab my camera. As I began to snap photos, I looked down at my camera to make sure that I had enough film. I looked over and all of the sea monster- mers were gone. I looked around and I was alone. Then within moments I realized that I was without feet. My bottom half had turned into a fan tailed extension. I looked above and became aware that I was breathing however not ‘drowning’. I wondered why this was happening. I looked above and I could see the sun clearly through the top of the water. I must have been about 4 feet under the water surface.

Without warning, a hand plunged into the water. It startled me. It was deliberate. I was afraid to grab ahold of the hand. I could barley see a face. The upper body through the water appeared to be very strong. The person on land did not appear to be a size like a human. It was something larger than I had ever seen. Again, it pushed it’s hand deeper into the water for me to grab. I did. I found myself standing next to a huge man with a body in the shape that only a god would possess. He was dark.

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He took me around the black rock to view the other side of the landing. I saw crevices of water pouring out of the rocks in different areas. The god-man spoke to me without using sound. He looked out to sea as if he was needing to return. He showed me the other side of the rock again. He stood behind me, however there was no rock to support him. As I looked again into the rocks, new springs began to pour out. They were sparkling like gold, and more beautiful than I had ever seen. I wondered why I was shown this phenomena. The god-man slipped away, and I plunged into the water only to find myself awake in my bed.

Mer people: “Recycle your resources. Do not over extend yourselves through excessive emotional tirades. Acknowledge and accept feeling. Let it wash over you and through you. It is a healing”

Mer Beautiful

— in Stinson Beach, CA.