7 thoughts on “Words From You

  1. Words cannot express the love and appreciation I have for Goddess Michaela Rena. During a most difficult period in my life she was sent to me by my ancestors to guide me through some life lessons that manifested as literal sickness physically, emotionally and spiritually. She helped me to clear my energy which allowed the most amazing spirit to be able to connect with me. This could not have happened otherwise due to the stagnant negative energy that remained with me after an unhealthy relationship. I love Goddess Mama Michaela Rena and will forever be her student and spiritual daughter.

    • You are such a Joy and a blessing to my life! It is through you that I am know that the Ancestors are divinely working through me and graciously approve of what I am doing for the love of YOU! You have allowed yourself to be open to receive all that the Universe wants and desires for you. The Universe, The Ancestors, Source Loves You and I am glad that I am the extension of such grand blessings.

      Your ‘Momma’, Michaela Rena D.D.

  2. I am beyond grateful for having Queen Michaela (aka my Mama Goddess) in my life! For-Real! I “randomly” chose to have an oracle reading done one day and it wasn’t even funny how accurate my reading was. I had to know more about this gifted woman. I appreciate her effort to keep in contact with me and she NEVER rushes through our conversations. She is very genuine and has helped teach me how to manifest greatness in my life. I usually don’t leave reviews on anything, but she definitely deserves one. Our encounter has brought much sunshine to my days!

    • You are the most amazing Goddess of beautiful energy! Loving you like I know you are my Daughter! You opened up your heart to get to know YOU better. I am a reflection of what you Love within YOU and I am so appreciative and grateful for our Divine Meeting!

      😉 Mama Michaela Rena D.D.

  3. Namaste! Eye absolutely love Queen Mother Michaela! Her wisdom is infinite, her spirit is full of love , she really takes the times to teach Queens how to access their Inner Goddess! Eye would most certainly recommend her services! The first reading eye ever received from her so spot and infinitely accurate! Ase’! Last; eye love her customer service values and her Intuit abilities are priceless! p.s. to any reading my comments and notice that eye utilize the word eye for the vowel I it is absolutely intentional. GIVE thANKs FOR Queen Mother Michaela!

    • You are amazing Goddess’. We each arrive when the timing is right. To have one another connected and supporting one another is Divinely prescribed. If there is No YOU, then there is NO ME.. and I KNOW I AM HERE, DOING ME BEAUTIFULLY! As you are too! Ase’ Beautiful Goddess!

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